Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Update :)

Ok so this is just a quick update, I am going to be trying to keep my blog more up to date by posting at least one post a day (fingers crossed) I have a lot of cards and crafts I make but I don't always feel like filming, so I want to start posting more pictures and maybe written tutorials.. but I will of course still have more videos coming :) I also want to hold another contest and would also like to do some kinda of blog hop but that will have to be in the future for now... Until then I want my blog to inspire you to craft for either beginners to learn or someone that has been crafting for a long time and just come to a lull, I know that happens to me all the time and I just spend some time checking out others blog and it really gets the creative idea's going again! lol ;) Ok so have a great day and as always Happy Crafting!

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