Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Home!!!

Wow! I had a great time on my trip to Pigeon Forge, but I am so HAPPY to be home!!!! We didn't get back until around 11pm and it seemed like FOREVER to get here lol. Nothing feels better than your own home, that's for sure! While I was there, I went to a place called "Your Scrapbook Store" and it was a pretty neat store. They have their main store and then they have a clearance center. I am going to do a video later showing you what all I found. It was an awesome place. I spent way more than I should of but, it was a trip right? lol I was going to do a video in TN but I was just to worn out we didn't stop until around 3am and had to get up at 7am so needless to say... :) I do have a couple of videos to share with you of the Ripley Believe it or Not Aquarium and of Dollywood. If you ever go to TN you have got to go to these two places! The Aquarium had penguins this year. Oh my goodness to to cute! :) Well I will have the videos posted sometime either tomorrow or later tonight :) Have a great day and Happy Crafting!

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