Thursday, September 9, 2010

I broke my craft free promise again lol

Well I just slipped up yet again on the trying not to buy any crafts until after my trip lol :) I have been to Michael's twice this week, I know, I know but I had 2 50% off coupons and 2 40% coupons I couldn't resist lol... now I am finding all kinds of things I want and with great prices too :) so I figured since I am trying to behave I would at least share my finds with you :) Although I am off to Michael's again next week with 5 50% off coupons, The ad had a ton of great deals in it, Card stock is 40% off, All Scrapping Storage is 50% off, Stamps, Stickers are 40% and Paper Punches (which are personally my favorite) are 50% off... and also Cricut Cartridges will be $39.99, come on how can you not buy stuff lol... ok well on to some of my finds :) First is the new Cricut cartridge I have had my eye on for a while now they finally have it on Craft-e-Corner one of my favorite websites (they offer free shipping with any order) The cartridge is called "Simply Charmed" Oh my goodness just some awesomely cute cuts on there kinda like Create and Critter but not only animals :) The next thing a stamp set that Kwerner used in one of her videos and I thought it was awesome! the Jumbo Lowercase Stamp Set from Amazon although it is for kids she said to use it for cards, I thought what a great idea :) Ok and now the biggest thing I would love to buy is this awesome desk, much bigger than mine and has a built in file holder which is the perfect way to store cardstock (I will show you how I store mine now) Ok as always have a great day and Happy Crafting! :)

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