Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode 24 - Michael's Haul

Ok it is official I am just going to stop saying I am saving for my trip. I have never seen so many deals before lol :) Well I went to my Michael's today and with a $40 budget I came out with $85 worth of stuff? How does it happen so fast? but I will say on a good note everything but one item, I got on sale so that is good and I only got stuff I needed/wanted :) So here is the video with everything I bought, oh but I didn't show it in the video I bought 6 spools of ribbon as well they were 3 for $1... I did also fully intend to buy my "Simply Charmed" Cricut Cartridge but they did not have it in stock at my Michael's (probable a good thing they didn't lol)

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