Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorry long time no post ;3

Well I know it has been forever since I have done a post but I have been really busy lately and just really haven't taken the time to sit down and write something ;3 I do need to do better though so I thought I would post some pictures... Oh and also I have to say I am so excited I now have a Gypsy! I am so excited so I really need to do some videos with it but I am a little on the forgetful side so when I sit down to craft I always forget to actually put up my flip and record and then I think about it after I have done the card lol so I will try to get some more videos up soon... Oh and my other fun news I have bought a Bind-It-All I am so excited it is due Monday so I can not wait to start making books and what not... I am going to try and make a jonque journal with it so we will see how that goes... I will post some pictures of it when I actually start working on it probably Monday night lol... also I will tell you I got my Bind-It-All from Hobby Lobby and they had a 40% off coupon so instead of paying 69.99 I only spent 41.99 so I thought that was an awesome deal! Ok well that is all for what I have been up to and been getting later so on to the cards... Have a great day and Happy Crafting!

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