Monday, May 10, 2010

Simple Wall Art :)

Hey all I thought I would share a quick idea with you... as far as I know I have never seen this idea any where else so I am calling it mine, but it is probably not new :)... I used my Cricut and cut out letters spelling different words for my walls... as you know I love Japanese stuff so above my craft desk is Kawaii then above my bed is Lazy because I must admit I love to sleep lol :) I used SCAL and downloaded the fonts from and the kawaii is Annabel Script and then the lazy is Moonstar... on the kawaii I also used my Martha Stewart butterfly punch and added butterfly's my new favorite thing! I also added a little bling to the bodies and I added bling to the lazy and stars as well... to hang/place it on the wall I used very little snail adhesive... But I want to note I do not know how it will affect my wall over time I personally have had no problems removing and re-sticking them and changing them... BUT BE CAREFUL! I used the tombow snail... so please DO NOT use something that could damage your walls... Well I hope you like it just a quick and simple idea for wall art and to add a little something something to other wise bare walls... Also I am experimenting with dingbats (the picture fonts) I downloaded a pucca font and was able to make a very cute bumble bee card I also found a Mario font so I will be trying to make a card from that for my brother in-law... I will post a picture of the pucca sometime tomorrow and when/if I can make the mario card I will add a picture of that as well...I hope you will give it a try... Have a great day and Happy crafting!

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