Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Simple Wall Art :)

Hey all... The other day I went to my local $1 store and found some really cool things... you would not believe the stuff I found they really had so much I think I could have just about $1'd my shelf to death :) Ok so one of the things I found was a pre-done Shadow box picture... well the box was white and pretty badly beat up and although the picture was neat it was not at all my style/taste... so I bought 2 :) and brought them home not really sure of what I was gonna do with them... I had bought some stickers a few months ago of a kimono, Japanese flag, sushi, origami and another pack that was cherry blossoms... so I decided to take apart the Shadow box... it was really easy, I just took an x-acto knife and cut around the edges and then pried the back off with my awl... I painted the white over with black and then covered up the picture with a piece of black cardstock and added the stickers in a way I liked, I also used some Pink Glitter letters I got from the Target scrapbook aisle... It was super easy and really looks great! :)... So here it is...

I really wish I had taken pictures as I made it but it didn't dawn on me until after I was done :(... O well maybe I can go back and get another one and add pictures of the process... I already finished the other one too :) So I may do that then... Next I am thinking I am being run by crafts I am just so blessed to own so many crafts I have them coming out of my ears lol :)SO I am looking into buying shelves for over my craft desk and then getting clear glass containers and putting buttons and bling and what not so when I save up enough to do that I will be sure to add pictures... Ok well as always have a great day and Happy Crafting! :)

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