Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey All :) The bad :( and good news :) of my day!

Ok so do you ever feel like everything is just going wrong? it can be so irritating... ok so with the bad news first to get that out of the way... I was recording my video of the flower that I posted to youtube and my flip died while I was filming so I plugged the it into my computer and let it charge... well I then unplugged it and was going to film another video and it will not turn on... but when I plug it in to my computer it turns on and then I cannot turn it off so I wrote flip and they say it is because it is not getting a charge :( so for now no videos unless I use my old digital camera which I just might have to do because I know have the good news to tell :)... I got my Create-A-Critter cartridge!!! :) I have wanted ever since it came out... I found it on Craft-E-Corner and it was only $46 something and I signed up for there news letter and got 10% off so I got it for $41.00 I couldn't believe it check them out they have all kinds of cartridges for really good deals... and I also got my dad to hang 3 new shelves I bought so I have more storage area I will be posting pics of that soon... and on top of all of that I got my Scrapbuck order today!!! :) I was so excited... I got in on there free shipping weekend they had and I have to say I just love scrapbuck even if they don't have the free shipping it is still a $7.99 base price not matter the size order and it got here in 2 days! I mean come on that is awesome!... They have all kinds of stuff and the website says 1,500 items for $1 and I mean they have brand name stuff I got Fiskars punches for $4... wow what a deal :)... ok well when I get my flip fixed I will start posting more videos but until then I will post pictures of the projects I do :)... Have a great day and Happy Crafting!

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