Friday, November 27, 2009


Did you have a good Thanksgiving?... Well I guess by now you have realized I am a little behind in my Christmas cards. I had a lot of things happen all at once and just never got a chance to post any videos or really record any videos for that matter. Ok first my sister just got marry (congrats) and I was a bridesmaid so I was busy with that (but ok I knew about that) I had planned around that... Well I had a small visitor in my room... I was sitting there watching one of my favorite shows (MacGvyer) and I look up at my mouse cage (did I mention I have a pet mouse?) and sitting beside the cage is a mouse I have never seen and hello I know I only own 1 pet mouse... So my family and I are up til about 4am trying to catch the stupid thing and we didn't, long story short we finally catch the stupid thing a week later... now the mouse was adorable and I didn't mind it the problem was I could not use my room because we were trying to catch the thing... So needless to say I have been craft less for about 3 weeks now... and with my sister getting married I am between two rooms, her stuff is in my old room with all my craft stuff and my computer is in her old room (my new bigger room yea!) so it will be a long time before I get to any videos... So if you read the blog don't give up I am still here and will be working on videos soon... Plus I used my sisters camera to record my videos so now with out that I am also going to have to figure something out... But a good note my birthday is next Friday so (yea!!!) I may get a new camera... I will keep you updated... SO anyway as always Happy crafting and Have a great day!

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